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Loving you is easy
but letting go of myself is hard

because I know I found a blessing
and you can find no rarer
sibling constellation
on a star map than
what I found the day
a monsoon wind
blew you my way,
and binding my life to yours
was as natural as
chilly rain grazing
the cheeks of hope and despair
at the juncture
of summer and fall,

with you, I breathe easy
with you, I build sandcastles
and bask
in the world’s melodious softness

but I’m having trouble
blooming where I’m planted

here, like a blissful bluebird
from life’s cruel winters
I sometimes crave for the hunger
that used to feed my inner movement
before I knew you,
and the solid ground under my feet
is a tantalizing stranger
to the wild warrior song
that is the only brushstroke
my beautiful lost self
has ever learned
to define itself in
before certainty gave it a home

“Bonjour Paris” by photographer Steffen Kraft


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