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Will you stay

just a little longer
after they all have gone
back to their lives
warm and satisfied
their inner guilts appeased
by doing the perfunctory sacrifice
spent the time
hugged the girl
wished her well
and said their long goodbyes

will you stay
after the hours have been wasted
and all that is left are moments
just to hear me say
my journey is imperfect
and my memories have gone cold
and all that’s left to need
is somebody who will listen
I want to tell my side of the story
of all the stories that you’ve heard
some of them too old nobody cares anymore
but I do

will you stay
so I can have somebody at my side
when I cry the tears I don’t want them to see
all the truths
that different people know about me
need to be held by one pair of hands
but I know
that while the parts are interesting
the whole is hard to carry

still, will you stay
and face the rain with me
will you miss the last train for me
for these words
for the last time

the dying day
down to its last glowing embers
can still be saved
from the dregs of empty conversation
if I can sleep
feeling I’ve been truly witnessed
knowing I am known

“In a Pod” by photographer Ayo Umali


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