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I wish you hadn’t
I would have liked to keep things as they were
I would have been OK
if you had never gone there
after all this time and reminded me
that there was once a time
when you had all the power in the world
to hurt me
such an easy target
and you took the shot at every opportunity

you were there through the ninety-nine
never saw the blow that actually broke me
and for that, washed your hands clean
left it all behind
but there is no moving on
when people walk away refusing
to acknowledge they’ve done you wrong

and you might reason we were young then
didn’t know better
and I am now too old
to still be carrying that inside me
but you didn’t know how I got here
you no longer know me
and see, I built my strength on that
the eyes of strangers
the distance from you
I made believe I was a ghost with no past
then the real ghost caught up
and I still shiver
at something that was supposed to have
ceased being menacing long ago

“The Coldest Winter” by photographer Emmanuelle Sits


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