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We brought our fairy tale
to the top of the metropolis

you held my hand
in the elevator as it climbed
to the peak of an empire
where we can see for miles,
sirens and pollution and headlines
fading in the opacity
of our vertical distance
from the rest of the world

the pinholes of light
from streetlamps and windows below us
hummed with rich, textured life
and its million voices and prayers
rose with the hot evening air,
twisting past us and
caressing our skin like fever
before merging with the blue-black sky
set with the purest diamonds

a natural high not granted to many

we are vessels of a well-kept secret
to vivid ecstasy resounding
in dimensions of hush and gold,
standing in love on an island among clouds
with Pinot Noir igniting our blood
and your arms around me

you in your dashing suit
and me in my pretty dress
Tiffany silver skimming the moonlight
as we slow danced to the tune of
an ever approaching dream,
your panther eyes, raised in the wild
and tempered by urban rhythm,
gazing at me
as if I was as beautiful as the naked night

Holiday Campaign Ad for Tiffany & Co.


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