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You were also looking for forever
when I first found you
you have that kind of heart
the world no longer believes
to still be in existence
diamond in the rough
fashioned after opal fire
and born of dragons
they don’t make men like you anymore
yet somehow you survived
a lifetime of reasons to
transform into something colder
and the capricious winds of chance
brought you to my side
like some kind of miracle
you were looking for love
when our orbits first touched
and I remember thinking
none of the things I thought I knew
would hold any water
with a wild card like you
this was a whole new different game
and I was dealt a totally different hand
you were the ace of spades
and I was the queen of hearts
and this was our turn,
the kind of certainty
that doesn’t come twice
and we had one dance to do it right
in a romance older than time
you were so rare, so rare
all the things in the world
made sense on your arrival
and nothing really prepares a heart
for a blazing and brilliant love
that defies the expectations
pruned by a culture of compromise
but the heart adds up to nothing
if it can’t be bold where it matters
and gamble upon that recognition
that this is the best thing,
the greatest find,
and rise to the occasion

“Prague Engagement”
by photographer George Hlobil


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