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You were a dream at first
a curtain of light stirring
my impossible somedays
touching the edges
of my nevers
and making them softer

you came out of the stars
the stars are your story
I fell hard when I met you
but I didn’t know, because
it was as congruous as breathing
you told me your name and
I was already in love
with all that you are

bliss has blurred the line
between my loving you on my mind
and knowing you,
standing in your presence,
breathing the warmth of your flesh

and I must confess,
I still like to dream of you sometimes
long after you’ve come true
long after you’re real

it’s a habit
that my heart can’t break
it’s as if we’re all but
conjured up in Someone’s imaginings
and your touch is all
that permits
the whole of creation to exist

I’ve never awakened
I’ve never slept
I’ve had you by my side
since the beginning of time
and everything is now

I remember you
I live you
I anticipate you,
and among all that
I return to the place
where I first met you
and you’re there too:

between the pillow
and the dawn

“Simply Love” by photographer Manuel Orero


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