I used to have a promiscuous heart
like Taylor Swift
what you know about me now
is the work of six thousand nights
of inevitable reckless choices,
of dancing with devils
to the tune of promises never spoken
but implied, tucked away
among the beguiling notes
of romance and possibility,
of intoxication that didn’t seem to end
flirtation and addiction to pleasures
and substances I could not see,
that got under my skin
and altered my state of mind,
kept me awake
and my heart beating, beating
unapologetic and sincere,
of days when the world
was molten gold on fire
with brilliance to rival the sun
and diamonds were nothing but legend
and the street was littered
with broken hearts that sang
songs of identity and rising again
and the sky was never just sky

Oh, how I’d love to say
I was molded to perfection,
that my red-painted town of a story
was all minutely crafted by fate
to give me all the secrets
and see me emerge
at the end as a butterfly
with alchemy etched on my wings

but see, everything happened
by accident, and sometimes
a blind swerve at the last minute
is all that saves you from disaster,
and finally I crash landed
into Heaven,
the same guitar-caressed anthems
worn on my sleeve like I was
never meant to learn my lesson,
with my heart, somehow, still intact,
and I came face to face
with love, my only master

22 thoughts on “Anthem

    1. Yes, I did. I was walking along the palm-tree-lined sidewalk en route to my work out at the gym (trying to fit better into my wedding dress!), and Taylor Swift started playing on the radio. The first line popped in my head and made me laugh, and I told myself, hey, that’s pretty good! You should turn it into a poem! ♥ Thanks for the time and the appreciation. 🙂

  1. Ain’t really a huge fan of Taylor Swift, but I liked the songs in that album! And what you’ve written is beautiful (made me feel like I could relate again haha) 😀

  2. Love this… and yes, I’m a closet Taylor Swift fan… you just “outed” me, your orpiness! Hahah 😀

  3. Haha! Well, she writes good stuff naman tsaka lahat naman yata ng babae (tsaka babae at heart) ay kailangang dumaan sa Taylor Swift stage. 😀 Kahit gaano pa tayo ka-sosy o ka-intellectual o ka-hipster. 😉 part na siya ng culture. ibigay na natin sa kaniya yun. 🙂

  4. An absolutely stunning evocation of the passionate searchings of our twenties! Beautifully done and straight from a fervent heart ♥

  5. Mju nacurious tuloy ako. Haven’t heard songs from her new album pero dahil jan mgddl ako >_< the poem is really good btw 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed this poem and appreciated how it floated along seemingly carried by emotions alone. Not even close to being a Taylor Swift fan but I’m thinking she could be inspired by your poetry.

    1. That’s a great compliment and I thank you. There is no denying that Ms. Swift speaks to a lot of people with her writings. Maybe someday she will chance upon this poem (and this blog). 😀

  7. Once again you created perfection. Maybe this could be an entry in your next book of poetry? 🙂

  8. I love the first line and “and see me emerge
    at the end as a butterfly
    with alchemy etched on my wings”

    Iris I love the way your thoughts, words and poetry just flow…i hear the mantra in the musical symphony…of words…the underlying bass says “love Love, the beating of a fulfilled heart

  9. “with love, my only master” <– YES!!

    To recognize and acknowledge this beautiful fact leads to a life of fluidity.
    This is such a relatable 'Anthem'.
    Thank you, for sharing you. 🙂

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