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We came in from the rain
of wayward intentions
we’ve lost our meanings before
we’ve been misunderstood before

here, a cell of understanding
just big enough for two
the world can mind itself
and carry the burden of past mistakes,
if they care to,
none of our business—
what doesn’t keep us together

your forehead touching mine
your calm voice
your breathing clarity
words you handed to me
your soul, piece by piece
and love filling again
the little space we’ve made
by gathering the loose parts of us
that had been taking too much room
and giving chances,
get some rest,
here, let me carry that,
we’ll take turns,
is that better?
come, I’ll move a little
so you can stretch your limbs
and have more silence
for your sentences
yes, I’m listening
the honesty growing by the moment
feeding on the light
there’s more time for grace
more heart for patience
and a few steps forward

until there’s enough for music
and another day

another day is all we need

from “Mary + Neo: Los Angeles Union Station” by photographer Kim Le


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