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And through all my jadedness
and confessed intimacy
with shadows,
I believe in love,
and believe
it transforms from within
like benign poison,
like surgery on the soul,
crafting miracles and open doors
where the limits of the body
and the incarnations of fears
have put up defenses for walls,
and the way love
makes us see what we see
that is otherwise ordinary
is a mirror,
and we are everything that
we’ve never noticed about
the world before,

and I believe chance is
love’s fairy godmother in disguise

for we all have broken parts
that will never be repaired
even by all the magic
romance and second chances
have to offer; we can only
dance around them
accompanied by music
that doesn’t really last
and they will come to overtake us
and clothe us back
in tattered rags and
sooty memories
at the stroke of midnight.
But love that is true
has always been our birthright,
and fits like a glove the hand
that in turns brandishes the flaws
and casually covers them
with hopes of a happy ending
and the dance is always
a dance worth remembering

“A Fairy Tale Engagement” by photographers James and Jen Tarply


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