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My regrets and my reason
are night and day
and on late afternoons
when the shadows are longest
the bright smile relaxes
while laments lurk their way
back to the surface
and they can sit down together
to talk about forgiveness
without shouting or tears
or pride or persuasion.
I tell myself in a weary voice
I need to try to forgive myself
for all that I’ve done.

I’ve walked the no man’s land
between the consequences
of irreversible actions
and the unapologetic hopefulness
that is intrinsic to the soul.
At dusk like clockwork
one rears its head
while the other lays down its arms.

And in that strip of time
each day
I unburden myself quietly.
I am a ghost,
blame and prayer flow through me.
It’s going to take a while.

“The Longest Day” by photographer Laura Mexia


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