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I want to make you my life
my riverside promenades and theaters
my number one fan and my coming home
my alibis and my lunar eclipses
my glass half-full with lemonade
crafted from life’s lemons
and the Nero Wolfe paperbacks that
bargain basement bookstores everywhere
have run out of copies of
even though I never stop looking
my serendipitous discoveries
walking on side streets
waiting for new stars and
my New Year’s Eve countdowns
my mushroom and cheese omelette
frying fragrant in olive oil on the pan
with thunder rolling outside and
rotten politics on the headlines
and the whole world in a chokehold
of coldness and comebacks
and hunger and strangers
while we continue to evolve in love
like a freeform dance in progress

“A Tiffany Kiss” by photographer RJ Kern


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