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And if we ever forget how to love
we’ll remind ourselves
of the time we first met
and the days that followed
how easily you have entered my life
when you walked into the room
more than a passing stranger
more than a half smile
and the cool eyes of a duke
that casually fell on me
but instead the sum of all loveliness
that was possible in this world
if only you could find that right one
that knew you from the inside
and always stayed

and I’ll tell you
years after that first brush with romance
that I really did dream that night
about you feeding me
chocolate cake with your bare hands
even though that definitely
must have sounded like
something I would only say
because I was trying to flirt with you
since you didn’t waste the number I gave
and actually called
and you can tell me
whether you really believed it then
or didn’t care as long as
it made the moment perfect

you can believe it now

“Harvard and Charles River Engagement: Kate + Alex”
by photographer Kate McElwee


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