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Because the total escape
can cost too much

you can’t buy a new you

because the world is small
and there are only
so many places you can run to

I reinvent myself
I recycle the same ground
I overwrite old memories
with new

I heal this way:

I can’t fly away
so I return
to the place where it hurts
and make it stop hurting

I stay
moving only on the inside
where I am afforded
new eyes with which
to see the same tired things
in different ways

I don’t give up,
not here

everyone deserves
a second chance
exactly where they are

you are never limited

all the dead ends and detours
don’t need to put up
walls around you

you just get a finer, more
nuanced rhythm to dance to

the music, madder but
more beautiful

you grow
you live more gracefully
and forgiveness is the virtue
that feeds your soul

same parts, but
a more exquisite whole

you reach far
but you remain close,
at the heart
of all that matters

you are past and future

and you are worth so much more
for having been broken before

“Ballet is for Living” by photographer Little Shao