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At the end of this wait
I shall cross the threshold
wrapped in prophecy
and adorned with roses,
I who am your prayers answered,
you who are my faithful lover.
But while the tides of time
have not yet turned
in our favor,
and before I sail the winds
over oceans and great cities
on silver engines and
wings of resolution
to be bound to you forever,
there is life.
There are open roads,
mad swirls of color,
and moments to be occupied
not in wait,
but in talking to the stars
and dancing in the rain.
Seize them all.
Set the days into vibrant flames
and take all chances
to be mesmerized by the sun
until I arrive at your side.
Love is for the living.
Honor me
even from miles away from me
by embracing
the eloquence for life
that I’ve seen in your spirit
even from far away from you.

We have already been
found worthy,
and our intertwined fates
are set in stone.
Rest easy; this love is gold
and shall not fade.
Breathe. Laugh. Play.

“Illinois Engagement” by Wasio Studios


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