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I like to
sing along to your love
as it spills on the silence
of late afternoons
and dyes the hour
in the halftones of dreams.
Blended in the melody
is the part of my innocence
still intact, which I
have entrusted to you.
It sifts through the noise
and finds me in
the young evenings,
carrying me to the chorus
whose familiar words were
taken after my own heart.
Forgotten, and remembered
in cycles, like the lyrics
of the long drive
towards springtime,
I miss you,
then discover you, then
get you stuck in my head
again and again.
At night, I tune my ears
to your promises
serenading my future.
Rain, disciplined orchestra
of elements, coaxes
my faith’s blossoming
towards the returning sun.
Truth is our rhythm
and purpose is our rhyme.
Life picks up the tempo
and emotions break it down
into pieces that
make up eternity,
where the notes on the scale
are strung out like stars.

“Taryn + Stephen’s Engagement in Central Park”
by photographer Steven Young


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