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you are taking me now,
as I am?
But I still have
so much to learn,
so many battles to fight,
so many ghosts to banish.
I thought I had all the time
in the world
to check things off the list.
You found me with
half my demons dead
at my feet,
the other half
still have me surrounded
in different guises
and me in the midst of
knowing, and fighting,
and trying to understand,
and trying to let go of
what I should be smart enough
to know I cannot know,
or fight, or understand
and in that big mess
you saw something about me
that you could love.

But I could be a much,
much better person than that.
You haven’t seen just how much
more beautiful I can become,

not with all these scars
only half-healed
nor all this armor,
and half of my heart devoted
to destroying the other half
in preparation for a love
that came too soon
after making me wait so long

“Beautiful Irish Castle Love Shoot”
by photographer Kristen Booth


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