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My perfect Zen,
you are exactly
what I need
any given day
like a constantly
recurring miracle
you meet me
at the right place
at the right time
on the aisles of
the marketplace
where flesh and intellect
and the swollen heart
go to shop
looking for good things
pretty things
and things that last

long before I knew
what my everything
actually looked like
I found it in you

so natural
how every part of
this iota of forever
takes care of
what was missing,
how your words of strength
fit the spaces
between my fingers
when I am scared and
need a hand to hold,
how you are calm
in the eye of my
personal storms and how
together, our instincts
echo the celestial melody
that the stars dance to,
that what we do
on the spur of the moment
is what needed to be done,
right in the nick of time,
like cuing the sun
to shine

yin to my yang,
I am a reflection of you
you curve inward
to give space to my substance
and curve outward
in fulfillment of me

like a marriage
of elements
a communion of will and grace
we are protected
in this circle
God-drawn in
a single master stroke
and complete

“Man & Woman” by photographer Manuel Orero