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So love strongly,
love with the strength
of karma and evolution
and the burning stars
inside your soul.
Let your love be
a storm unto itself.
Let it roar through
the corridors in
the freedom of being
whole, or at the
very least the grace
of beauty in brokenness,
and in embracing it,
Love as if
you’re moving worlds,
as if gravity is
something you can close
your fingers around.
Throw yourself
into that love.
Take pride in it.
Create it while
it carries you,
as do the music and
its marching band.
Know that love
as you know how
to pray
and push its walls
against every inch
of who you were
before you found out
you were infinite.

But above all,
love strongly.
Occupy that love
the way pleasure
and pain occupy
your body.
Love as if
you were drowning,
as if you could fly,
as if the choice
is all yours,
always been.

I dare you
to be strong in love
for the Bible says,
“Perfect love
casts out all fear”.
Move as it moves,
grow as it breathes,
dance as it forgives.
And watch all
the flaws of the spirit
quietly fade, like embers
of a dying fire
at snowfall.

untitled photo by photographer Sergey Ivanov


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