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Here, it echoes
here, it falls

the blushing sky of
the saffron sunset,
the melody of
our first kiss, and
the incense of
memory, dancing
from room to room
as if without walls

how easy it’s been
to love you
how light the moments
like sculpted silence
smiles turn to days
turn to months
turn to shifts
in the seasons
you still give me butterflies
I’m still falling

and as I fall,
these are what I see:

the story of a shooting star,
Tuscan gold on crags
where rock embraces flame
tattooed with scent of wind,
late afternoons of adolescence
perpetually unfinished and
left behind unresolved,
the ghosts and dreams of
a heart many times
reincarnated, reduced
to faint humming, then,
further, to thin mist
on waves as they wash
on the shore and I
unravel as both woman
and a belatedly blooming

sitting at a coffee table
on a wooden deck overlooking
the waters of Shangri-La
and thinking
how like our love it is,
the way they fall towards
the end of the night.

And the moon shines on.
So do we.

“Andrea + Rob Fulton’s on the River Wedding”
by photographer Simply Jessie


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