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Like the day’s intricate,
well-rehearsed ceremony
of a sunset staged daily
to an appreciative audience,
with our chairs unfolded
on the border of twilight
you take the time to
tell me about your day and
I do the same with mine

sketching the fine details
of a picture that is
largely boring and tedious
and ordinary, with more
angled geometries than
flowing lines, rough like
urban streets and dotted
with the occasional anecdote
about friends and strangers
who are themselves preoccupied
with the affairs of
their own humdrum lives

but the truth is, baby,
those moments of sharing are
among those I treasure
the most, and I
don’t mind going down
that same familiar road
until we’re old, because
you make me feel known,
and believed,
and understood

and listening to you
is my heart’s chance to
walk in the shoes of the man
whose truth and beauty
revolve around me,
who faces the world
with its dangers and charms
if only so he could
come home to me

making of these conversations
love’s overture that
ushers in the night

and of us two,
occupants of this tiny
cell of reality,
a living proof of how
something in these jaded times’
roaring ocean of stories,
can be enough

“Love and Skylines” by photographer Ryan Brenizer


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