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Love, how you have
changed so many things and
saved so many things
from changing.
Love, how I have become
the stars in your endless
silk of sky and the
seashells in the shoreline
of your infinitude,
the well-lit tunnel and
the haze on the rainbow
where R blends into OYGBIV.

Love, I heard the rain
and saw it fall on
the ink you have used
to sign your name to
acknowledge receipt of
my all and my future,
making the words run and
staining everything
to the farthest edges,
even the lonely corners where
you used to be absent.

They merge together,
the memories. Life
from the time I met you
has since forgotten to
wind its clocks and
the calendars have become
obsolete to the unchanging
of the passion in your touch.
One day we will wake up
with decades hanging
in frames around our walls
and I suspect you will
still look at me with
the same fire in your eyes.

“Alicia & Jeff – Riverside Church Wedding” by photographer Joshua Dwain


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