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I am content
to love you everyday

to find you in
the weft and warp of hours,
of traffic and missed sleep,
our love seeping between
your responsibilities
and mine, like ballads
playing in the background,
giving a simple
easy-to-follow rhythm
to our working hands

under the maturing sun
I doubt that
I need anything more
than this,

an infinite patch of
blue sky through
cantilevered glass
big enough to inspire
dreams in both of us,
yet framed enough to
keep us focused, and shield
from neighbors’ gossip
the secrets of our hearts’
joint work still in progress

a yard to contain our plans
should we wish to
take them apart one
idle Sunday, to clean up
together and assemble back
slightly differently
for a better fit, as we
also learn new ways
to recycle,
to forgive,
to hold each other
and breathe bliss

and laughter,
little discoveries and
brand-new recipes,
coffee cups in six shades
of pastel and
a seven-minute commotion
when a panicked bird
flies in through the
kitchen door by accident

“Let Love In” by photographer Sanya Khomenko


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