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We didn’t escape
but only
put a thin layer of silence
between us and the world

what we needed wasn’t really
a pretty view to
stare off into
together, while we
remained alone inside,
but a little privacy
to practice sincerity
to breathe in each
other’s presence

so we came here,
where the mild sea breeze
could loosen the hair of
my many womanly troubles
whose words were too shy
to rise out of thoughts

on this remote island of time
all ours,
in an archipelago of
obligations and
my meek dreams took shape
slowly, and
in a setting devoid
of judgement, my fears
found a sighing release
among the cicadas
of daybreak

we took turns taking
the time to listen
and sent all our doubts
home with their luggage
as the sun set behind us
and the boats dropped
their heavy anchors
on the shore,

and through the open balcony
while we slept, the horizon
embraced us and the stars
consecrated our union

you led me by the hand
to shelter where
love was a language
everybody understood:

love is
a cacophony of voices
both bolstered and burdened
by the things we want
to give
and be
for each other,
but allowed to run free
as in an honest
conversation, they
find their way back,
carrying us, to
the beautiful future
that sent them

“Philippine Sunset” by photographer Noel Galang


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