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I ask you now to love me
at the delineation that
sets my small,
limited soul apart from
the furious world that’s
always threatened to
carry it away and
swallow it whole

and since we’re talking
about promises and
speaking them
in front of witnesses,

between better and worse
between sickness and health
between richer and poorer
there is a narrow sandbar
built by opposing winds from
two oceans that meet at
the most desolate,
unwitnessed of places:

love me there,
for all the remotest reasons
stand there and hold me
where there’s nothing
but the deep blue
as far as the eye can see
and uncertainty is
the salt that sprays
on our faces
from all directions.

You’ve already taken me
for my irreversible past,
the pyramids on my deserts,
the indelible convictions
that even the turning years
render unchanging


you’ve also taken me
for the ardor and the flame
of the gamble that I
am willing to take with you,
that I can turn my back
on everything I’ve known
just to be yours


take me now, too
for the woman in between,
at this inevitable,
painful boundary
where passion crashes
into identity and
choices occupy destiny
not without taking
the requisite sacrifice,

and pray that
all the beauty you’ve
come to love about me,

“C&A” by photographer Andrey Balabasov