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I love the rhythm of our days
how effortlessly you have
gotten used to
having me in your life
how you have willingly allowed
for me to pass,
in the water table
of your routine, through
duties and treasured silences
holding me
to the core of your soul

I love how hungry you get
for me in the mornings,
as if I were the sun
as if my love were
a longer day,
a summer solstice that
vetoes any current season
I love the way you
intersperse your thoughts
with my own, while you
drive to work
through icy roads,
my presence through the phone
the only warmth you need

how you stack
your hours around my needs
like a fortress
you’ve always been a busy man
but I can always cut lines and
how you can easily find
spaces in the crowd of your
responsibilities through which
to guide me forward, from
the sidelines to the center
like an able tango partner

how we live by the day
one legend at a time
and use each free moment as
an opportunity to fall in love
one shade deeper
to the tune of
the shifting sky at sunset

and when it’s late at night
and the glitter of neon
has faded,
how you and I fit in
the hushed darkness,
how our dreams for
the future are in sync,
and how cutouts from
our conjoined light
permeate the shadows,
like a promise in
the process of being kept.

“Khadeen & Devale Brooklyn Engagement” by photographer Joshua Dwain


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