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Free flow,
like petals falling
through time,
the life that is meant for us
glides its way through
the rhythm of our
small successes and
watered-down failures,
singing softly as it
slips past what our memory
has chosen to spare,
past uneasy fears, quietly
as chances slip through fingers
past names and reasons,
past those doomed airplanes that
never made it past Bermuda,
past all finite things
that could stand between us
and a promise kept,

and fate
synchronizes with choices made.

And as we keep our eyes
on each other,
it makes of what used
to be a difficult thing
a mere matter of instinct:
I rush to your every need,
stepping on the same thorns and
scaling the same walls that
have kept me away from
finding my own fulfillment
and I found that your bliss
and mine
were on the other side.

The clock ticks
and hums the serene beat of
a love whose consummation
cannot be stopped and
will assume its place as
events unfold and
give it its cue;

it will not settle for anything
less than forever,
no matter the price.

I’m ready.
Bring on the rest of my life.

Image source (photographer unknown)


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