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They lied to you about who you are.
They coiled your own innocence
around your wrists and ankles
and bound you to blind obedience.
They’ve been twisting your words
so that even you don’t know
what you mean when you speak.
They vandalize your mind
with intentions, call them evil
then punish you for them.
They feed you a diet of guilt
to keep you thinking you’re full
and boarded up the windows
to protect you.

But the world on the outside—
that’s what’s real.
All that you’ve known is the dream.
You have to wake up even if
it takes all the pains and dangers
of rebirth.

It’s like a demon
molesting your dreams
feeding on your insecurities
and burrowing in
the gaps of your self-esteem
to make you hate what you love
to make you fear what
you can’t live without.

They own you so completely
all your opinions and visions
are copied after theirs.
They can order you to
hurt yourself,
even from remote distances
and you always do.
They no longer even have to
lay their hands on you.

But they didn’t plan on you
growing up to be so beautiful.
They didn’t foresee that you’d have
something to offer and
the world would need it.
They’re only counting on
the weight and duration of
your deception to keep you
choosing to be deceived.

Your precocious naivety once planned
on impressing them
so much that it would finally
buy you your freedom
but you’ve almost already
conquered the world and
they’re still stepping all over you.

Everything that’s ever been
fundamentally wrong with you
you’ve traced back to this,
the beginning.
This is where it should end
so you can get out,
and start again.

Photo first found on 500px.
If this image belongs to you, please let me know.


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