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It is true that sometimes,
to some people,
fear can hurt you more
than what you fear
but you must, at least,
allow your fear to evolve
along with its object.
If the most dreaded
has come,
there is no more reason
to dread it, should there?
You catch on that actually,
whether you’re ready
to face it or not,
it will fall on you
whether you face it, or
shut it out, it will be there
like a stubborn stain
whether you put a hole
on it big enough for you
to pass through
or live with it,
plan your every action
around it, or
pretend you don’t see it
it will be there
it will not adjust
to what you need or
are willing to handle,
so what are you getting
bent out of shape for?

Fortify your heart.
So you’ve spent countless
sleepless nights and
innumerable anxious days
wondering how they’d react
if you told them,
summoning all the forces
of Heaven and
calling on the names
of saints you don’t believe in
promising all sorts of things
just to have them approve,
because nothing in the world
is more important to you

but now that they know
and have said the most
hurtful things
now you have heard with
your waking ears the curses
that only used to chase you
down flights of stairs
in your worst nightmares,
what’s left of the unknown
to torture you?

The horror of that reality
is now flesh and blood and
face to face with you and
between the two of you,
the space where fear used to fit
no longer exists.

The time you haggled for
has run out and if it taught you
anything at all,

it’s time to act.
Time to fight back.

“Dasha and the Wall” by photographer Oleg Podzorov