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Two people
two configurations
of soul, flesh,
unfinished books and
songs both sung and unwritten
weren’t meant to be strangers
found each other
in the middle of some traffic
in some street
filled their senses
with each other’s presence
somewhere in the gridlock
of tireless wheels
and worn-down concrete
the few seconds past
switching from the amber light
a few consequences past
do I slow down or speed up
found a truth
we can make it if we try

her time mingled with his
let her live twice as long
in the length
of a clear-sky morning
and her story,
chock-full of details
but empty,
found their theme and
all the missing chapters
in his own incompleteness
and together they made sense

she was packing her bags
to fulfill a commitment made
to that story
to a beautiful possibility
that didn’t use to exist
they told her
“Twenty-eight years we raised you
and you turn your back
and choose a man
you’ve known in less than one.”
they don’t understand
they don’t know the story

she walked out the door
to fulfill a commitment made
to that story

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