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God promised me you
He didn’t give me a map
but He gave me directions
to follow my heart

you are my personal legend
my promised land

no one was warned
it would take forty years
in the desert
sometimes the mind doesn’t know
what it’s capable of understanding
and it puts up barriers
when you give hardship a name
and units of measure
better that you just
take it for granted
it would be difficult
better the sand dunes
were metaphorical

better you told yourself
only that you must be strong
the way that life has never before
given you the chance to be strong

and I’ll get to you
if I can bind my heart in
a shroud of faith,
albeit stained in past bondage
more than marking
the doorpost of my soul
with blood of spring lamb
and this plague will pass me

I recognize the dreams
Joseph interpreted for me
to prosper here, and knew
I would get out someday
sagacity does not make its bed
with slavery, comfortable
but insidious to the spirit

and if I run out of solid ground
I trust that the Red Sea
does not have enough salt
to drown me
for didn’t they first find me
floating in a basket on the river
lying in a bed of prophecy?

I will be protected
so I untether my life
and sail on trapdoors on
these Middle Eastern winds
to Canaan, where
your milk and honey
will forever sustain me

“Monica & Damian Hard Rock Hotel Riveria Maya Mexico”
by photographer Joshua Dwain


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