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I’ve never seen you
scared before
you’ve always sheltered me
always been the stalwart warrior
standing between all that is
rude and malevolent in the world
and me

today your fears hung quivering
in the late morning air
damp with raw words
echoed back and forth
through a hall of mirrors
from generations of hatred
and still stinging from
slaps upon the face
from the hands of those
who would judge us as many times
as they have to
to break us apart
and you asked me
what do we do now
do I plan on giving up on you

you voice was steady
your eyes were cool
but I heard the hushed weeping
of a thousand deaths
from inside the silence
within your pauses

because, let’s face it
this war will take casualties
and how long
have we known each other?
and isn’t blood thicker than water?

but I’ve never lived until I loved you
I’ve never known myself until I met you

they can chain me
to this bed of nails all my life
but I have touched the clouds with you
and through blood and salty tears
I’ll free myself and walk
this hot earth on my wounded feet
to find you again

but I will not lose you
I will not live without you

don’t you know
I am the perfect half of you
you are my pillar of strength
and every stone on your heart
weighs on mine
everything you fear, I fear
when you’re weak, I’m weak
when you doubt, I doubt too

so tell me you won’t, again
through hellfire and brimstone
we’ll be together
I’ll turn my back on all of them
as long as you can promise
you won’t let me
let go of you

“Anya i Ayrat” by photographer Anna Berkut