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My devoted lover
my heart’s
revolution come to life
straight from the pages
of a Moorish legend
how you never fail
to make me breathless
how it always feels like
you’re constantly
on your toes
tirelessly catering to me
and all my needs and
the cravings you awaken
to remind me that
every day is God’s
new favorite invention
how it feels like
you don’t even sleep
always looking for ways
to surprise me and
surprise my secrets
like you’re it
on every round of
hide-and-seek and
you keep finding me
and ask for that pleasure
every time, and how
you always have roses
the right shade of red
the right stage of
half-bloom in your hand
and quality time
and Tagalog phrases
you doubtless have
practiced for hours, your
south-side Chicago accent
stumbling on the syllables
the sound of sincerity
and how you always give me
the impression that
you’re handling me like
you would the finest china
so precious and
so asking to fall apart
like you would never
forgive yourself if I
so much as catch a cold
and oh, the way you
call me your queen is
more beautiful than I
have ever thought
I was entitled to.

Sweet baby,
how completely you own me
and yet you begin
at the beginning
every time
acting like you have to
try and break down
my walls every time
my love has been yours
since day one.

Third Place Winner, “Framing the Subject”, ISPWP
by photographer Jason Kaczorowski