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Your nose on the back
of my neck
your fingers on my wrist
light as feathers
your palm on my knee
through denim jeans
as we sit face to face
and nothing else exists
your eyes nestling
into mine
searching my face
for that light you never
fail to find
as if beholding a miracle

watching me sleep
with your heart
armed and ready
to defend my peace
and you hold me
like you know me

the love in your touch
leaves echoes on my skin
like sweet voices
soft as a breeze
writing messages in code
playful toes
marking the sandy beach
your genetic whorls
loops and arches
burying time capsules
in my muscle memory
for me to find
when I’m alone
when no one is looking
so that I can smile
the private smile
only you understand
and remember,
“he touched me here…”

and right here
with us so close
the air between us
gets cut and bleeds blue
and the sunlight flashes
for an instant through
the aperture before
we close the distance
and its golden fire
is swallowed in the
rich black truth
between our tongues

“Marnel & Matthew Portland Oregon Engagement”
by photographer Joshua Dwain


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