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Out in the open
in the village square
where they dropped
the stones none of them
dared to be first to cast,
none of them without sin,
I will love you
I will kiss you
with a chaste heart
I will be as pure
as you see me
even if the discrepancy
between the colors
of our skin
makes us dirty
in their eyes

we will not beg
for the understanding
their myopic hearts are
so reluctant to give,
their minds steeped
in prejudice and we
don’t need to make it
our life’s mission
to undo it,
we have better things to do
than prove them wrong
and open their eyes to
a reality more beautiful
than they deserve to see

let’s make this
relationship public now
pick me up tonight
at an hour they’re all
still awake,
treat me like a proper lady
with nothing to be ashamed of

dance with me
even if we’re the only ones
who hear the music
even if they think we’re mad
from this little corner
where fear of their judgement
has pushed us,
we can step out,
out of the complacent
condoning of the shadows,
out to where they can see us
we’ll love in bigger
and bigger circles
touching more and more truths
pushing perceptions
and force them to live
with what they won’t accept
twirl me through
their misguided malevolence
past the sharp knives
of their unforgiving stares
beyond their persecution
and dip me low with a flourish
despite their ignorance

they paint us immoral, but
the taboo we’ve brazenly
taken from the forbidden tree
will free us
whereas they
will continue to exist
dragging their chains

“Kimora & Djimon’s Baby Bliss” from OK! Magazine