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Here, next to you
I trace the path of grace
in the atlas of my life.

Here, by your side,
I taste the sky and
don’t wonder anymore
what certainty feels like.
Your love for me is
so deep and so complete
that I can fall into it
a different way each day
and learn how to fly
before I reach the bottom.

Your whole future
wraps around me
so tightly that I can
inhale the laughter of
our future children
and feel the grains of sand
from our Bahamas honeymoon
between my toes.

You take your time
loving my flaws,
one by one, coaxing me
out of my soul’s
most guarded hiding place.
You make being known
a translation of sweet freedom
and all echoes of pain
inside me are hushed,
when you are near.

You make all leaps of faith
easy, all surfaces of
choices soft,
and you make of my
past mistakes a testament
of true beauty.

You reinvent each morning
and give back to the nights
the original reasons
for their creation,
and in the arms of all that
belongs to the genius chaos
of the inspired universe,
I hold this moment
and all its perfection
in my newly reborn heart that
found its place in Heaven
right here, next to you.

“Kendra Bolds and Keith Bookman’s Wedding at Ashton Gardens”
by photographer Collins Metu