Because the sky knows to
save up its bolder colors
for the sunset,
the inheritance of
the day that had to
earn the blessing of that
grand sight,
by applying itself,
by stretching across
the blank and hungry
canvas of time
and fulfilling its duty
to the hours, because
I know to stand by my window
before it grows dark,
and because the forever
you’re looking at
is the same forever
that I see.

And we knew when
what destiny required of us
was to wait, not because
we were smart that way but
because it left us no choice.
But while it mattered,
when it came to that,
what it still needs to redeem it
is knowing when to act,
not because life has
backed us into that corner,
but because we are equal
to the magnitude of soul
required to know a good thing
when we see it.

There is the high that
we achieve
here, now, everyday
the tangible kissing and
the audible phone ringing.
And then there is that
collage of waking up together
on rainy Saturday mornings,
mortgages paid on time for
a house all our own and
healthy lunches packed
in brown paper bags
for our radiant children,
making the patchwork quilt
that we wrap around ourselves
at night when we dream.
But I’ve seen many a love die
within the space where lovers
keep it fed, but caged
when love should be free to
find itself in its own strength.
Their hearts just couldn’t
muster the courage to
confront the bridge that will
take them across
from the now
to the someday,
timidly exchanging vague and
empty promises, until
their love yields to the hand
of reality that could have
helped it, had it been
its foundation, not its bane.

But I’m glad we’re not
one of them.
We walk towards each other
embracing the sacrifices
one by one,
steadfast and faithful.
We know we’ll be home very soon.

Image by photographer Joshua Dwain