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I stood at that pier, once
with neither schedule
nor reason,
looking to the horizon
that didn’t change.
But sometimes faith
does that…

You are the truth that
makes returning to the truth
its own reward.
I believed in you
from the time when
the last thing I thought
I had proof of
was falling apart around me.
I fought for you
through winds and storms
and harsh judgement
because I somehow always
knew you would come.
My heart kept time with
the beating of yours
while I swayed inside
crowded trains
full of stories,
a heavy knapsack of
inanities and
stepping stones
strapped to my back.
I think I saw you once,
somewhere, between
shifting dreams
left of center where
a pointless struggling
dissolved in the sunset.
Or once, I think,
that strange day when
the sky was purple,
I heard your voice
lost in the summer wind.

And I had been so scared
before, when I thought I
had already found you
and let you go.
But that was just
one of those lies that
the destiny who knows better
would have us believe
because that deception was
part of what would
help us recognize
the truth, afterward.

And you don’t think so,
but I don’t miss anything,
least of all the fact that
everything I’ve ever hoped for
is everything you’ve been
wanting to give.

I stood at this pier before.
And I didn’t know what
I was waiting for.
But we do that sometimes.
So when you finally came
I knew in my soul
there was no mistaking.

Image by photographer Joshua Dwain


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