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I knew I should tell him
it was too soon, that
we were yet to have
the first of many
deal-breaking fights, and
discover each other’s
numerous inadequacies
and it wasn’t time
to talk about forever
I knew I should be
the one to remind him
how old we were,
we weren’t kids anymore
and miracles had failed us
before, and disappointments
abound and this was not
the time to act foolish
I’m supposed to
call him back to the
all-too-familiar reality
that had him all but
defeated and broken
before I came into his life
and woke him up early
enough to see the
sunrise again
and tell him to
be careful, to look out
for himself and all that
he had left

but I looked at his face, and
saw that
absolute certainty

a certainty
I’ve never seen before,
but recognize anyway
a certainty bearing
the unmistakable mark
of the Holy Spirit
a certainty founded on
intangible proofs more solid
than the conviction that
the sun would rise tomorrow

a certainty only a whisper
of faith short of
hearing the voice of God
“Here is the man for you.”

I went by the look in his eyes
and that divine message
in my heart:
I was born to be with him
I was born to love him
I found him, now
and owe it to my soul
to be brave enough
to choose him

between the two of us
is a love so perfectly true
there is no room
for doubt

and I compressed all the love
I have ever saved
into a word

and said “Yes.”

“Jen & Chicho Central Park Engagement” by photographer Joshua Dwain


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