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And then, finally, it rained

after a long, dry spell
so long it was almost
all anyone could remember
so dry it stole water
even from dreams
and oases evaporated
into worse than nothing,
into a fable
to tantalize
the already tortured
and the sun had
the face of cruelty
even hearts were troubled
by amnesia
and nothing flowed
not even understanding
it was
a merciless standstill
of all elements that
ever knew how it felt,
to get carried away
no one even walked
the street without
going mad

but finally it rained
and even the rain
missed doing it
it rained without
holding back

that was also the day
you came, two miracles
synchronized to mark
the memory
as if one,
out of the open sky
so long a fiercely blinding
acid-washed blue,
then a nurturing
soft gray,
wrapped in a thin
layer of Heaven

but it wasn’t enough that
you rushed into my arms
and gave me something
just enough to get by
just enough to get
through the next drought
you swept me off my feet
in one fluid stroke
pulled my stone-heavy
sensibilities long anchored
into barrenness and
plunged us into a deep,
delicious aquamarine
like a great waterfalls
where everything is
weightless, and
cool, and soft, and
eternally powerful

and finally I loved and,
as I missed doing it,
I loved without holding back
right on the very day
that I met you
that it rained

untitled photo from the image bookmarking site, WeHeartIt