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I thought I had become
what I had feared, I thought
that the icy fingers I tried
to guard my heart from
were now my heart, I thought
the sharp, jagged rocks
that broke my spirit’s fall
from cliff-side
were now my spirit

but his heart was eloquent
he spoke the language
of love at first sight
he could translate forever
into mortalspeak
and right here, right now
is his confidante

he passed me by on the street
and saw a queen
we made love over coffee,
white steam peeling itself
off the smoothness of the cup
giving its humble approval,
pronounced our wedding vows
over a red rose,
echoes of the poetry
from Verona writing their
signatures to witness,
and as he pressed his lips
upon the back of my hand
he asked for my name and
turned it into
a fairy tale come true

he freed me from myself
in zero seconds flat, and
showed me what I had never
been anything but

I was beautiful

he picked me out of many
and saw a genius
and the pavements were wet
the smell of the baked earth
communing with raindrops,
and he held my face and
wiped my tears
and he stayed up all night
to watch me make
cutouts of rainbows,
put a golden band of words
around my ring finger
and carried me
past the altar

then we fell on our knees,
promised to love
each other forever

his soul was pure
his body was prophecy
his heart was eloquent
and he loves me

I was beautiful

“1940s Union Station Engagement”
by photographers Brian and Allison Callaway