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Go ahead and jump and
swim to shore
my moment will come

I’m just waiting
for the words to run out
I’m not skimming the blue
looking for new ones
because your warmth
has frozen over
you no longer have
your hands on me
they have moved on
to touch other flesh
you no longer have
your eyes on me
they have gotten tired of
watching these same old things
and there’s nothing left
to show, really
if my deep ocean
cannot sustain you
there’s nothing I can do

I am the captain of this ship
and I can abandon it now
that I’ve seen it responsibly
through sharp rocks and storm
of its doomed voyage

just a few more waves
a final ebb and flow
a slow, affectionate goodbye
to the tides that had
carried me this far
I said I’d stay
just a little longer
knowing that
my days are numbered
just like my words

so that when all of this ends
and my heart is dead
and all the metaphors fall
into the hands of someone else
and all the dreams
lay their sweet heads
on someone else’s sleep
and love no longer sets me free
it would be a complete
motion picture
with proper credit
where credit is due—
and I won’t be accused
of lying
when I tell somebody someday
that once, I loved you

Image source (photographer unknown)