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I will compress all eternity into a week,
if that’s all you can spare
I will concentrate happily ever after
into a single kiss,
if that’s all we’ll ever share

I will take
all the elbow room and breathing spaces
and collect along the margins of
time differences and busy schedules
all the ways of how do I love thee
take lessons from a diamond and
learn the secrets of the Big Bang
so I can pack an all-encompassing love
into a dense and potent capsule
that I can slip into your wineglass
that first night

imagine being able to
move mountains and reverse waterfalls
in a fraction of the time that it takes
for two people to fall in love,

then every flash of a photograph
is a honeymoon in Europe—
every minute of a sunrise
is a five-course breakfast in bed—
every silver raindrop in free fall
is a library of conversation—
between color changes of the traffic light
we’d have argued and made up,
and grown stronger in love—
when the elevator is broken,
every step we take on the stairs
is an anniversary celebration—
and every stitch of desire’s tapestry
is the weft and warp of all nights
of consummated pleasure
from one full moon to the next

if we can’t have a lifetime
let’s make an hour more than enough

so when we say goodbye,
and there’s really nothing left,
our remaining years can fall away
like soft petals
severing themselves, languidly
from the universe within
the stamen of a newborn Eden,
a life well lived,
a love well spent,
and we won’t have to concern ourselves
with any time we might have wasted.

Photo first found through a Google images search.
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