And if you would
open your heart to me
I promise you
I will not make you wait
a pointless wait
I will not make any excuses
about how I still have to
fix this, and that
about my life,
I will not give you lines
about needing time
to figure things out
because I am done thinking
about where I’m going
all the places
I want to see alone,
I’ve already seen
now I’m ready to run away and
see the rest of what’s out there
with a man who can love me
a man who can
bravely cast his lot
on a real future with me,
no more someday
no more leaving it all to fate
no more “If it’s meant to be,
it will be”
I am ready to make it happen
if you are ready
for my love
to happen to you
just say the word
and we can begin,
no more wasting forever
I’ll make you as many promises
as my breath would let me
and spend the rest of my life
keeping all of them
no more “somewhere, some time”
pick a date on the calendar
pick the precise hour
pick a country, a state
pick a street and a number
no more biding time
no, I’m not in a hurry
I’m just saying
I am ready
and I’m going to grab it
let’s build this life together.

I love you and
I will not decorate
your precious now
with feather dreams
if we can sculpt it in stone
and forge it in steel
and baptize it in prayer.

I am yours.
Please, love me
the way a man knows how.

Dami + Niyi Engagement Photos in New Orleans, LA
“Dami & Niyi | New Orleans Engagement” by photographer Collins Metu