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I told him I loved him
the same way I loved the first one
and all the other ones I loved before,
I told him

that love was always about two people
and this was about the man that he is
and the woman I can do nothing but be,
about loving him and
about me being hurt
several times and not once thinking
that there must be something
fundamentally wrong with me
and keeping the faith that
achieving love was not
about the perfect woman
or approaching a state that
a woman worthy of love was modeled after
not about changing
but about holding fast
and believing that I am lovable
just the way I am and that
I would find him, someday,
and loving was about that faith
that this person in front of me now
will be the one who will make
the passionate unchanging
a triumph of two souls
instead of a failure of one.

untitled photo
from the image bookmarking site, WeHeartIt


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