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Until the love that you speak of
breaks free from the confines
of the numbered streets and
traffic-lit intersections
of your disciplined mind
and finally settles within
the recklessness of your heart

Until the distance between us
is quartered like a bird
and torn open like a hungry body
subjected to devastating pleasure

Until you are no longer the dreams
whose colors diffuse in the dawn
no longer the voice stretching
thin and obtuse against the long
and winding uncertainty of night

Until promises obtain closure
by being kept or broken

Until the ink that corrals you
from belonging to these waiting arms
bleaches from the hardened white page
on which your troubles stand

Until there is no longer a need
for words, and we can do away
with their incompleteness
their liability to misunderstanding
and touches can take their place
punctuated by kisses

Until we are blessed
by the sight of a shooting star

Until we can argue about little things
and let our personal trivialities
spill over effortlessly into
each other’s sun-drenched afternoons
and fall asleep under a blanket
of conversation about God’s plans

Until we are allowed make plans
and the womb of dreaming is fertile again

Until you can whisper softly to my fears
loosen the knots of my insecurities
and claim with finality the woman
I have bolstered myself into being

Until I become reborn through caresses
in the language that your hands speak
and your eyes achieve a truce
between beauty and possession

Until the mystery of time falls away
and rebuilds itself within the length
from your telling me you love me
to my believing it beyond reasonable doubt

I will be right here, patiently waiting.

“Corona Engagement – Josh and Cayenne” by the photographers Lin and Jirsa