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Let me sleep.
Because I can no longer look
at people taking what is not theirs
at the greedy raping the faithful
while the rest stand back
and do nothing.
Because I can no longer stomach
the sight of the innocent
the desperate, the deserving of miracles
being robbed of their last hope.
Because I will not take money
to do the opposite of what I believe in.
Let me stop believing.
Let me close my eyes until
I am as hard in spirit
as the world You placed me in.
Because I can no longer fight
their roughness with soft,
pliant sincerity while You refuse
to let me transform myself
into something more fitting
and just as corrupt
as the reality I am facing.

If I tell You I refuse to participate
in Your great, grand plan,
will You finally strike me to the ground?

We can compromise.
Just let me sleep.
Let me sleep forever until I am dead.

“Sensual Female” by photographer Carlos Nunez