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I walk now
in the accommodating quiet
left behind by all that
I have willfully banished.
The chasm dividing
my reason from reality
has stopped throbbing.
Even the echoes have
mercifully ceased.
Nothing remains but
the thin strip of white
in the middle of the highway,
the sacred line,
the only indication
of direction
that made it this far,
when the sceneries on
both sides of the road
are identically featureless.
The only argument
against a U-turn is
the distance I’ve covered.
‘Nobody wants to
throw anything away’
is its own most
helpful enemy.

I haven’t forgotten
why we are not together
but I’ll always remember
the way you loved me.
I will retrieve it from
the vacuum where
I have locked it away and
wound myself anew with it
every time I need
to be reminded
that I’m beautiful.

Image of La Samanna Villas, Terres Basses, St. Martin (photographer unknown)