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I used to be accustomed
to carrying a need by myself
but somehow I have
allowed the lacquered box
of my many
half-understood dependencies
to fall open with you
and for a while I was
secretly proud
of my vulnerability
because the paradox is,
nothing terrifies me more
than the feeling that
I have come to stop
needing anybody
and I’ve become an
island unto myself.
I’ve spent good time
trying to conquer
what so many others
are killing and dying for

but if, somehow,
I’ve gotten carried away
and revealed too much
of myself,
and you find your house
and your aural space
and your inbox
too crowded by
all the damaged
parts of me
I’ve been sending you
for repair,
say so,
and i will collect them,
reattach them,
and pretend
to be whole again.

untitled photo from the image bookmarking site, ImgFave