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My muse knew no other purpose
besides be a sieve for this
rose-colored glass life,
fashionable and chaotic
all at once,
like pineapple margarita
drunk straight into the soul,
to run its lyrical fingers
through the rampant beauty
that passes through me

I’m spoiled, you know,
like a too-loved child
I make sure I get my fill
of romantic luxuries
I secure for my heart
draped in the softest Thai silk
embroidered with those
cute little golden elephants
on the edges
I run my senses
to a natural high
on ordinary days
delight in the
borderline sinful indulgence
of, say, French macarons
at Sweet Bella
and get away with
the weight gain and
the erratic fiscal patterns
because I deeply,
sincerely, believe
I deserve
all these beautiful things
and my copious archive
of moments I immortalized
will be a proud patch
on the million-acre quilt
that will someday
pay tribute to
the magnificence of creation
and the brilliance of mankind

but ever since I met you
I’ve been revising my opinion
I’m thinking
I’m missing something real
more real
than each taste and texture
each melody and fragrance
each panoramic
postcard-perfect view
I’m thinking I want you
by my side the next time I go
food tripping at Mercato Centrale
or watch the next iMax offering
my first instinct is
to call you every time
I hear a sweet new love song
ever since I started loving you
I’ve been a little bit
more careful,
more frugal
with happiness
thinking I better save half
of everything I have
thinking I haven’t yet
crossed paths with
true bliss
until I experience it with you.

“Tiffany & Co. Holiday 2010 Campaign” by photographer Peter Lindbergh