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How do you give a name
to a raw need
that isn’t aware
of its origins, only that
it must occupy and consume
as much of you
as it could,
and what it couldn’t
it pushed off the scope
of your vision,
to gull you into thinking
there’s nothing else?
Yes, it’s frustrating
to have inside me
a thing I do not know
what to do with
or can’t even begin
to take the first step
towards curing,
I only know
it’s hurting me,
hurting me beyond reason
the fear
of all the wrong things
in the world, ironically
when this could be
the easiest, pleasantest
day of my life

and I need you
I need you please
can you put your
strong arms around me
and keep the world at bay
and create for me a peace
within the steadfast
sanctuary of your love
at least, just until
after the dawn breaks
because I don’t think
I’ll make it through
this night
with only this flickering
flame of faith
for light

Picture of Yésica Toscanini (photographer unknown)